Warlukurlangu Artists

Warlukurlangu Artists is one of the longest running and most successful Aboriginal-owned art centres in Central Australia.

Any person in the two communities of Yuendumu and Nyirripi can engage with the activities of the art centre. Anyone who does engage is referred to as an ‘artist’ whether they have just started painting or have been painting for many years.

Artists actively participate in the ongoing development of the organisation. The management of the art centre works hard to create a space where the artists feel safe, comfortable and happy to come together to paint and share their knowledge. There are over 600 artists currently participating. Some come every day and some may do only one or two paintings a year.

It is not uncommon to find several generations of one family at the art centre at any one time, grandparents painting with their grandchildren. In this way the younger generations are being instructed in the stories and designs of their traditional culture. Frequently the older artists can be heard singing the songs associated with the story they are painting. It is often said that by the very act of painting traditional Indigenous culture is being reinvigorated and kept alive.

Warlukurlangu Artists is supported by funding from the Australian Government through the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support.


Occulture currently features 39 pieces of licensed art from 27 Warlukurlangu Artists, and pays royalties from jewellery in this collection.