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Your item of jewellery from Occulture is stylishly presented in our eco-friendly recycled gift boxes. Included with your jewellery is an information card about the artist and the dreaming story associated with the artwork featured.

Rubber Cord

This soft black rubber cord necklace comes standard with every pendant purchase. It features an innovative, easy-to-use locking clasp mechanism—just squeeze the wide end and push the ball tip into it. The result is a secure closure with a seamless look.

We offer a variety of additional cord and necklace options in our accessories shop to create your own personal statement.



Jewellery Care

Photo-anodised aluminium is a specialised technique where ink is impregnated into the pores of the material, making it scratch and wear resistant to general daily usage. The anodising also makes it safe to wear providing a protective skin to the metal. It is waterproof, so feel free to wear your jewellery swimming, in the shower or washing the dishes. We do recommend avoiding contact with corrosive chemicals.

Sterling silver is also durable in all of the above conditions although it is a softer metal and will lose its mirror polish over time. Simply use a soft polishing cloth to bring back the bling, but as stated above avoid harsh chemicals coming into contact with the anodised aluminium.

The standard rubber and stainless steel cords that come with your item are generally waterproof. Avoid wearing leather and silk products in water.

Cuff Resizing and Shaping

Your cuff is able to be reshaped to fit your wrist but please understand that the aluminium material needs to be coaxed into shape, not bent with too much pressure. 

To make your cuff smaller, form the palm of your hand around the cuff to form a 'C' shape so that you can apply equal pressure as you gently squeeze the metal into a new shape using an on - off pressure, bringing it in tighter as you need. 

To enlarge the cuff, gently pull the two ends apart.