Custom Collections

Occulture offers a custom design service that turns your licensed artwork into a distinctive collection of jewellery that represents your artists and reflects your branding and customer profile.

Working directly with designer Lisa Engeman and her team, you are able to co-create in the design of your collection, from the selection of artworks through to the stages of style, shape and range of your jewellery items. Utilise our cutting-edge technologies to bring historical and Indigenous artwork into a contemporary context with an exciting mix of industrial processes that are finished in quality precious metals.



Occulture PL has direct licenses with the artists and art centres that we represent in our collections to which we pay royalties on items sold.

We are a member of the Indigenous Art Code and a preferred supplier member of the MSAANZ (Museum Shops Australia and New Zealand).  We are an Australian Made Licensee.

With custom collections the legal responsibility of licensing is held by the client who has the permission for Occulture to reproduce the artwork for the jewellery collection. All royalties and legal agreements with the artist is held by the client.


Materials and Applications

Photo-Anodised Aluminium

The anodising process embeds the artwork into the pores of the aluminium, making the jewellery durable and scratch resistant. This technology is an exacting procedure yielding bright and luminous colour from any applied artwork. The anodising process also creates a barrier to make alloy metals safe to wear against the skin.

There are no white dyes available and therefore the natural silver of the aluminium will appear wherever white occurs in the original.

Every sheet of photosensitive aluminium used varies by very slight margins in the depth of its pores which affects the depth of dye being deposited. This is important to understand as in almost all cases a very slight variance in colour occurs due to the unique nature of the process involved.

Precious Metals

All fittings and fixtures utilised in our jewellery are made from solid Sterling Silver or 14k Gold-filled material.


Packaging and accessories

Information Story Card

We supply each item of jewellery with a unique story card that features each artwork depicted in your jewellery collection. This story card is customised with your logo and branding colours and will include the featured artist name, bio and information about the artwork depicted.

There is a one-off fee for the creation of the templates for the cards. The print charge of the cards is included in the jewellery unit price.


Each item of jewellery comes complete with an Occulture logo embossed presentation box or you have the option of branding the packaging with your company logo.

We require a 300 dpi file of your logo and we will supply you a placement mock up for proofing prior to ordering your packaging stock. This option incurs a one off print block set up fee.


Pricing Structure

Our in-house graphics department will adjust your images to optimise the quality of your artwork specifically for the anodising process and layout your templates for printing.

There are initial set up fees to create your collection and thereafter a set unit price for all subsequent orders of the same design. 

  • Jewellery Design Proofs
  • Story Card Templates
  • Packaging Print Blocks
  • Aluminium Master Templates 
  • Silver/ Gold prototype samples


Lead Time

Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of your finished products. This timeframe is variable depending on the collection. If we are applying your artwork to our standard collection items the timeframe can be shorter than the 8 weeks specified for designing of unique jewellery styles.