Occulture is the phoenix from the ashes for designer lisa Engeman after surviving  a critical brain tumour. 

The talent and passion of many dear friends contributed to Lisa's recovery of health and the rebirth of her artistic vision. Like all hero journeys surviving came with a price, Lisa lost vision in her right eye and is struggling with loss in her left. 

This disability is difficult for a visual artist to work through. As Lisa shifts from outer to inner vision, from crafting to designing - her dependence and in equal measure appreciation of others abilities increases, and with it the joy and revelation of shared experience. 

We would like to acknowledge and share the love with Occulture's inner circle. Check out their amazing and talented work! 

Photographer - Donatella Parasini

Make Up Artist - Elvis Schmoulianoff

Models - Lala Bayles, Matt Honeychurch, Yasmin Honeychurch, Savanah Wylde